Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about Vinxxgrip.
For any further clarification do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. To which bike models can VINXXGRIP passenger’s handgrips be associated?
    VINXXGRIP passenger’s handgrips can be fixed in most sports bikes from 600cc up.
  2. Is refueling anyhow affected by the presence of VINXXGRIP handgrips on the tank? Absolutely not. Even though VINXXGRIP handgrips are coupled with the tank cap, it can
    be opened as usual.

  3. What colors are currently available for VINXXGRIP handgrips?
    Since 2013 in Black only.

  4. In the event of an accident, could VINXXGRIP passenger’s handgrips jeopardize
    further pilot safety?

    No, they couldn’t. Research for homologation purpose led to a specially designed
    handgrip shape to utterly ensure rider safety.
  5. Might bike bodywork be anyhow impacted by fixing/unfixing of VINXXGRIP
    passenger’s handgrips?

    There is no such possibility, as handgrip end-points are purposely made of rubber.

  6. Where can I buy VINXXGRIP passenger’s handgrips?
    You can buy it directly from our shop-online or by one of our Dealers around the World. 
  7. Is performance of the first Vinxxgrip fixing operation complex?
    No it isn’t. Even so, fixing the flange (adapter) on the fuel tank cap and correctly positioning
    of knobs is the only work to be performed by a certified mechanic in order to have
    product warranty validated, and such operations require few minutes.

  8. What happens if I perform the first Vinxxgrip fixing operation on my own and I do not ask a certified mechanic?
    Firstly, the product you have bought is not covered by warranty. The homologation approval of the product expressly requires that the securing screws of the flange on the fuel tank cap and of the knobs be tightened with a spanner wrench, and by a certified mechanic. When such operations have been carried out, the mechanic shall add his/her stamp and signature in your invoice. Lacking this, your product warranty is void.

  9. How does product guarantee enter into force?
    In order to make your product guarantee effective you need to have its first fixing operation performed by some certified mechanic and to have his/her stamp and signature added in your invoice.

  10. What expenses are included in dispatch and customs clearance costs?
    They include dispatch and up to three attempts of direct delivery, as well as import and export customs clearance.



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