VINXXGRIP was thought with the purpose of enhancing sport bike passengers' ergonomics and safety by dedicated research.

In recent years, modern sport bike producers have been more and more concerned about their ultimately special features, therefore they haven't paid adequate attention to passengers' ergonomics. Of course, should a bike be used as genuine sport vehicle only, such lack of particular care would be absolutely reasonable, given that genuine sport utilization pertains to drivers on their own. However, this does not take into account the many couples of bike-riders traveling on the road for long routes, still preferring sport bikes.

On such grounds, a solution is needed for reducing both passenger's and driver's physical stress, ensuring stronger safety at the same time, thanks to more reliable steadiness in all conditions.

The purpose of VINXXGRIP is exactly that of meeting such need, and we offer a safe, effective, and creative solution in order to grant our customers all the pleasure of a two-people comfortable travel, with no need to give up their favorite sport riding style.

The Idea

The idea of some handgrips specially designed for passengers' safety came from our strong passion for two-people-travel by sport bike in the first place and, secondly, from a passenger's downfall shocking experience we had.

Pursuing that objective, we started Vinxxgrip operations in a small private garage, and we came to our first endpoint in 2002, with our first patent right registration, after one year of work for implementing more and more advanced prototypes. 

Through ever continuing innovation and improvements, VINXXGRIP has now come to the present models, provided with quick fixing and unfixing system. 

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