Fostering safety of sport bike drivers and passengers on the road has been our main goal from the very start of Vinxx SA and of Vinxxgrip handgrips production.

In order to ensure safety by means of guaranteed quality, we chose to have Vinxxgrip handgrips manufactured in Switzerland, thus being able to follow closely every production process and the respective quality controls required by TUV/KBA Homologation Bureau.

We chose a special aluminum alloy for handgrips manufacturing. Such material allows weight reduction (with no impact on bike centre of gravity), high mechanical resistance and wear prevention, as well as optimized coupling of components.

The passenger is always someone you care for, therefore we aimed to a reliable tool, manufactured in accordance to the highest quality standards. You cannot ensure safety if you play on product quality. Handgrips need to withstand the extreme impacts that may be provoked by sport driving, and, furthermore, any vibration apt to damage or crack the tank must be prevented, as the consequences thereof would be extremely serious, should any fuel drop leak on hot engine. In addition, we had to make sure that they are not harmful to passenger should any accident occur. 
All this can be guaranteed only by using a certified and homologated product, such as VINXXGRIP handgrips, which successfully went through very strict control tests.

Indeed, we could have saved money at quality expense, by choosing low cost production abroad. Conversely, passenger’s safety and life itself were too high on our list and we planned Vinxxgrip handgrip production accordingly.  

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