Special Features

Vinxxgrip passenger handgrips  are provided with a quick coupling-and-release system both as regards their central body (to be fixed to fuel tank cap) and the grips themselves. Thanks to this system, fixing/unfixing operations are extremely quick and easy, with no needs of tools, even though maximum strength and steadiness are ensured. Once it is set, with its central body fixed, Vinxxgrip system does not affect access to tank for refueling. 

Available colors: grey-titanium or Black        

Product Material and Manufacturing Procedure

VINXXGRIP passenger’s handgrips are built in  aluminum alloy, by pressure casting. Such material and manufacturing procedure provide advantage to the product in many ways:
  1. Mechanical properties equivalent to those of aluminum and brass, but lower melting temperature and greater ease of casting;
  2. Size requirements can be better and more accurately fulfilled,  product is better finished and its walls can be thinner;
  3. Greater strength and hardness.

Additional Features

  1. High wear resistance;
  2. Excellent load ratings, allowable loads are either moderate but continuous loads (e.g., threaded connections), or intense but short-duration loads;
  3. Excellent resistance to corrosion;

Further advantage is provided by the peculiar feature of the said alloy: good welding performance is good, easy processing, surface treatments such as electroplating, painting, anodizing, and chromium plating allowed.


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