The Product

The current homologated systems for passenger support consist either of a thin belt connected to the passenger seat, or of some sort of handles located on the sides and to the rear of the passenger seat. According to legal regulations, motorcycles must be provided with at least one of these two systems. 
Passengers are given four choices when riding on the bike, in order to stay in place: holding the thin belt, clutching the hand grips, keeping the hands on the fuel tank for support, or hanging on to the driver. These solutions are clearly unsatisfactory, as none of them ensure passenger safety, nor do they result comfortable for passenger or driver, especially on long trips. 

Vinxxgrips were created in order to solve this problem: Vinxxgrips allow the passenger to be safely and steadily positioned on the bike, preventing falls in case of abrupt increase or decrease of speed. Vinxxgrips significantly reduce swinging and promote synchronized movements between passenger and driver, or with the bike itself. 
Furthermore, drivers themselves benefit from using Vinxxgrips with their passengers, since bikes become easier to drive and overall safety is enhanced: passengers are no longer unbalanced bulk influenced by forces caused by riding dynamics.  

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